On Tuning Out and Tuning In


There’s a lot of talk out there (and on here) about living your truth, finding your passion, doing what you desire and diving in headfirst like there’s no tomorrow because what if there isn’t.

I’m a huge advocate for more of following your heart and leaning into what feels good— I talk about it a lot— but that doesn’t mean I think it’s easy or that I’m 100% there myself.

I’m far closer to realizing and living my passion and purpose than I was this time a year ago, or even 6 months ago, but I’m not all there just yet, and that’s okay. It’s partly because I’m still discovering what it all looks like to me, and it’s partly because it’s downright difficult and terrifying to make these choices into something so unknown and uncertain.

So it’s okay if you aren’t there yet. And it’s okay if you are there, and that place—for you— is exactly where you are. It’s okay if you’re reading everyone else’s goals and resolutions and accomplishments and get filled with anxiety because “everyone else is changing and I’m still here.”

It’s one thing to be inspired and motivated by others but it’s another when it makes you compare or negatively question your own path. Just turn it off, tune it out, and tune into yourself. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.